Speaking Engagements for Baseball/Softball Coaching Clinics

-Mindset, Motivation, and Measurement-

Schedule Coach Justin Dehmer to speak at your next coaches meeting today.  Coach Dehmer brings an established coaching resume that includes setting the National High School record for consecutive wins at 87 (**), and proven highly rated presentations at previous state and national coaches association conferences.  Coach D brings a unique yet practical message on how to master the mental game of baseball | softball, by playing for the present – 1 pitch at a time.  He’s built this model into his practice plans and teams game approach, leading to nickname of the – 1 Pitch Warrior Coach.

Here are some presentation examples at coaching clinics:

Session #1: “1 Pitch Warrior – Plan for the Present” (~45min)

  • 1 Pitch Warrior Mentality
  • Plan for the Present – Create a System of Success

Session #2: “The Anatomy of a Streak – Have a Process” (~45min)

  • Offensive Philosophy: Batting Avg. vs Quality At Bats
  • Pitching Philosophy: Quality Innings, A3P

Session #3: “Create Pressure – Make it Competitive” (~45min)

  • Pressure
  • What does your practice look like?
  • How do you evaluate practice?
  • Measurement = Motivation

Note: presentations can be organized to meet the conferences needs and timing as requested.



Consulting for teams, coaches, coaching clinics, and businesses



Thank you for putting on such a great demonstration. The girls loved it – the coaches loved it – I loved it. We have already forwarded your name to the NFCA as a possible speaker explaining to them how much your talk would benefit all teams.


I have also talked to the coaches at Auburn and told them if they are ever looking for a person to work with their team’s mental training and focus that I have the right man for the job!


The girls are still talking about you –


Thanks again! Coach


P.S. You are welcome here any time.


Clint Myers
Head Coach Auburn University
baseball quotes



Lindsay Diehl - Head Softball Coach at Clarke of Osceola Mental Focus Leads to First State Final Appearance (note at 0:43s mark)

Past Speaking Sessions w/ Coaches Associations

  • Colorado Dugout Club 2016
  • Iowa High School Girls Softball Coaches Clinic 2016
  • Southwest Premier Baseball Coaches Convention 2016
  • Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association January 16-17, 2015
  • Alabama Baseball Coaches Association January 15-16, 2015
  • Baseball Coaches Association December 5-7, 2014
  • American Baseball Coaches Association 2014
  • Texas High School Baseball Coaches Clinic 2014
  • Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Clinic 2014
  • Be Your Best Baseball Clinic (New Jersey) 2014
  • Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Clinic 2014
  • Louisiana Baseball Coaches Association 2013
  • Pennsylvania Baseball Coaches Clinic 2013
  • Utah High School Baseball Coaches Association Clinic 2013
  • Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association Clinic 2012
  • Kansas Baseball Coaches Clinic 2012
  • Utah High School Baseball Coaches Association Clinic 2012
  • Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association Clinic 2011

Upcoming Speaking Sessions w/ Coaches Associations

  • Cottonwood High School <br>
    Jan 30-31, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Simpson College Softball<br>
    Feb13th, Indianola, IA

Past Teams/Organizations Coach Dehmer Worked With

  • Simpson College Softball
  • Metro State University Baseball and Softball
  • Clarke High Softball
  • Central Arizona College Softball
  • Central Arizona College Baseball
  • Pleasant Valley High School Softball
  • Pleasant Valley High School Baseball
  • Reno High School Baseball
  • Waukee High School Softball
  • Hutchinson High School Softball
  • Hutchinson High School Baseball
  • Northwestern College
  • Lakeland College Softball
  • Chariton High School Softball
  • Chariton High School Baseball
  • Southeast Polk High School Softball
  • Camp Dodge – Warrior & Family Services Branch
  • Weathersford College Baseball
  • West Lyon High School Softball
  • Elk River High School Baseball
  • Piedra Vista High School Softball
  • Sacred Heart High School Baseball
  • Valley City High School Softball
  • Portland State University Softball
  • NIACC Student Athletes
  • New Lisbon Softball
  • New Lisbon Baseball
  • Western Illinois University Softball
  • Oregon City Baseball
  • University of Northern Iowa Softball


Coach Dehmer is committed to excellence within your program and would like to help bridge the gap from good to great. The teams he has worked with have had numerous state tournament appearances which have resulted in championships at the high school level. At the collegiate level the teams he has been able to work with have played for national championships.

Coaching Consulting for Your Individual Program

Schedule Coach Dehmer to assist with coaching or implementing the 1 Pitch Warrior program for your team or community.
Here are some coaching examples:

  • Coaches Clinics
  • Baseball Bootcamps
  • Individual Consulting
  • … and more!

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