Team Consulting Sessions


Skype Team Consulting from Coach Justin Dehmer – 88 Game Win Streak – Back to Back to Back State Champions

$200/hour or 2 sessions for $350

Get expert advice and top level inside coaching techniques and tools.

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Product Description

Team Consulting Sessions

$200/hour or 2 sessions for $350


Topics to be discussed but limited to would be the following:

  1. Process Based Measurements and Implementation
    • Quality At-Bats
    • BASE2
    • TPI
    • STR1KE
    • Quality Innings
    • Strike %
    • First Pitch Strike %
    • A3P
  2. Practice Strategies to Implement the Mental Game
    • 21
    • BlueDevils 10
    • Different Bullpens
    • Situations
    • Gatorade Game
    • Practice Planning
    • Program Builders
    • Team Builders
    • How to make your practice more competitive
    • Making your practice game-like
    • and many others
  3. Mental Game Topics (1-Pitch Warrior Mentality) for both coaches & players
    • Routines
    • Better Focus
    • Dealing with Adversity
    • Being Process Based
    • Ways to Forgive yourself for poor play
    • How to go 1-Pitch at a time
    • Perspective
    • Follow up homework
    • Ways to practice mental toughness on a daily basis

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