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Get this years 2017 1-Pitch Warrior Clinic and all the resources along with videos from 2016 and 2015 as a bonus resource.

That is well over 20 hours of baseball and softball info from great coaches and great programs.

Once purchased info resources will be shared with you and password will be given to access content.

Below is the list of speakers ad topics from this year’s clinic.

1) Dave Dirkx – Program and Practice Organization, from off-season through postseason

2) Travis Hergert – Weighted Baseballs – More than Just Velo

3) Justin Dehmer – B.A.S.E.2. Relationship Building

4) Round Robin w/ All Coaches – Ways to Incorporate Competition in Practice

5) Brian Bogda – Favorite Drills

6) Travis Hergert – Practice Structure and Player Development

7) Jon Fitzpatrick – Offseason Pitching Program – January through Game 1 – Drill development blending into mound work

8) Brian Bogda – Practice Organization

Bonus Content: 2016 Videos

Barta and Casey Klunder – Effecient Mo for Effective Velo

Justin Dehmer – Coaching Refelction

Jon Fitzpatrick – Team Drills

Round Robin – Favorite Hitting Drills

Round Robin – Favorite Practice Strategies

More Bonus Content from 2015:

1) 1PW Mindset Part 1 – Coach Justin Dehmer

2) Efficient Practice – Coach Carrie Embree

3) Hitting Drills – Round Robin with Coach Dehmer, Fitzpatrick, Embree, and Belger

4) Defensive Drills – Round Robin with Coach Dehmer. Fitzpatrick, Embree, and Belger

5) Practice Strategies – Coach Belger 6) Process Based Measurements Part 1 – Coach Justin Dehmer

7) Proccess Based Measurement Part 2 – Coach Jon Fitzpatrick

8) 1PW Mindset Part 2 – Coach Justin Dehmer

9) Team Competitions – Coach Jon Fitzpatrick

10) Lessons in Leaderhship – Coach Justin Dehmer

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