We Focus on the What and How, but Have You Considered When?

I recently finished a book by Daniel Pink called When. It was a very interesting read back by research and numbers which of course is right up my ally. But it posed an interesting question that I can’t say I often consider when make decisions…When? It takes a look at many different aspects from when to make big life decisions, when to workout, when to work on important things, when to work on the small things, when to take a nap, and when to practice. I am sharing only a tip of the iceberg but some of the biggest things to consider and takeaways for me were the following which I have linked to his site for further consideration.

He makes a claim that we all fall into one of three categories for our daily rhythm. As coaches of youth it is certainly important to know which category we fall into and to know the type that our players are as well. To figure out if your a Lark, Owl, or Third Bird take a look at his PDF by clicking HERE.

Some of the other things I learned and hacks I thought would be good for coaches and for coaches to teach to their players are the following:

How to Take Restorative Breaks (We are all crazy busy but knowing when to take quick breaks, when to eat lunch, and how to do it most effectively makes us better versions of ourselves)

How to Take a Great Nap or what Daniel Pink calls a Napacinno (Something I used to never do because of the way I felt after which was never refreshed and always more sluggish than when I took the nap)

When to Exercise During the Day (Something that backed up what I have already made a habit in my own world but certainly interesting stuff to consider for coaches and players)

Take a listen or a read if you want to dig in more. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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