This time of year is when I hear from coaches across the country that use many of my products and learn of their success stories. Many times it is about how many games they are winning or to send an email thanking me that they were able to win a state title. I am always grateful when coaches are willing to share in thinking that I played a small part in their success. It is an awesome feeling and makes me excited to continue to work with teams in the future. Two teams I have worked with in the past faced off in the 5A Iowa State Softball Championship this past weekend. Waukee and Pleasant Valley. Of course both are great teams but in my mind the game played a backseat to what an impact the Waukee players had on their bus driver Gordy Emmons and the influence he had on the team.

I have worked with their team on multiple occasions and I know having perspective is part of their program. This is proof that they are playing the game the right way and realizing their impact goes beyond the softball field. They know that they are not softball players. They are young girls that happen to like playing softball. Perspective is key and this one of the best examples I have seen in years! Although they were not able to win the championship game for Gordy they should be proud of the way they handled the entire situation and the impact they had on the community. Check out some of the articles about the Waukee Softball Team and Gordy below…

Gordy 1

Gordy 2

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