Measurement is the Key to Movement

Measurement is the Key to Movement.


Measurement is the key to movement. What I mean by movement is progress, improvement, and knowing what adjustments need to be made to see success. It is critical in any endeavor. Whether it is working to lose weight, create a stronger business, or improve a student’s knowledge in school. We all use measurement in some way shape or form.

I am sure many of you use measurement in some capacity within your teams. At least I hope you do. If you aren’t how do you know if you have been improving and moving in the right direction. Take the guess work out of it but using some sort of measurement. Most coaches I talk with are incorporating Quality At-Bats in their programs which I think is great! I am a huge believer in it and always will be. This is not the only 1PW Measurement that I think you should be using. There are many others. If you have already been using one or some of the 1PW Measurement maybe it is time to incorporate one or two new ones’ next season with your players or to pick a couple to start with.

I am going to give a brief overview of measurements you can use in the game that will help your team stay focused on what it takes to be their best and no truly know if you are moving in the right direction. I also what to make one point clear that these measurements are to be shared with your players and not just your coaches. The players need to understand them and why they are important. Otherwise you are wasting your time. Be sure to share how things went within 24 hours of that game. Feedback is important. Some coaches do it that day and some wait until the next. Do what works for you but you need to share result even if they are ugly ones.

In my opinion these first three are absolute musts at any level. Easy enough for 3rd grade USSSA teams to understand and also completely appropriate for a college team as well.

QABs – 9 ways to help your team win. Only one of which is getting a hit. Teams that use this are focusing on more than the traditional average for a hitter. There are many ways to put your team in a better position to win that getting hits.

BASE2 – Team approach to accomplishing a set of 5 criteria that when done well lead to wins. Easy to implement and understand at any level. The crazy part is history has shown that if you only do 3 of the 5 you will win over 90% of your games at any level!

Quality Innings – Teams that pitch to contact and play solid defense are more likely to earn Quality Innings. Defensively this is my suggestion for measurement. Aiming for low pitch count is what this is all about. That take a team effort. You can’t earn one if your pitcher doesn’t have help behind them.

My guess is some of you many have already been implementing the first three measurement I mentioned for years. If so great! Keep it up. The following are ones you may not or could try to incorporate into your program that you haven’t take a try at.

A3P (After 3 Pitches) – A way to measure if your pitcher is getting ahead in counts and pitching to contact early in the count.

TPI (Team Process Index) – Measuring your teams total performance and being able to compare it to other games you have played. A great way to see improvement and also know where things might have gotten away from you that lead to a loss.

STR1KE – Much like BASE2 but for defense. If you have been using BASE2 then you will love the way STR1KE breaks down the defensive side of things. It is made up of 6 things your team is try to do well each inning. As easy to understand for any level also.

Freebie War – Show your team where they are giving up free bases to the other team. Track them and show them where the improvements can be made. It makes practice that much more beneficial and players start to understand why they are working on certain things based on in game measurement.

RAKE – Game goals that allow you to set specific goals for your offense each and every game to RAKE at the plate. Goals are chosen based on past play and dialed in for maximum wins.

The 4 Pitching “Command”ment – A set of four goals that your pitchers are try to do when they attack each hitter. Done well, results follow. Done poorly it gives a coach a great place to teach a player what it take to b a successful pitcher. Commit to the process and wins may follow.

The point of all of these measurement it to have a strategy and process for winning. They all are easy to keep track of and any level can do it. Of course there is a point where it may be too much so you need to pick and choose according to what you think you can handle and still use as effect feedback for your program. Your players will appreciate it and you will start to see better results when you measure that which you hold near and dear to your program’s core values.

If you are looking for more information on any of these checkout my products at

If you are looking to dig deeper I would suggest the summer reading program for coaches. All three of my books which contain more detail of all of these measurements and 200+ chapters of great coaching content for $40.

If you are ready to implement any of the following I would strongly suggest getting the 1PW System and/or Process Based Measurement Video Instruction.  Both of these will get you everything you need from knowledge to charts to spreadsheets to feedback for your players with the 1PW Measurements.


As always if you have any questions please let me know.

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