Mental Toughness

A friend of mine wrote a great blog about mental toughness. Erica Douglas is a track coach and has taken particular interest in female athletes. I have too since I have begun coaching my daughter’s softball team and worked with many high school and college softball programs around the country.

Her target audience is typically young women but the ideas in this article are for us all. Myself included. So much so that I have taken a renewed look at my habits and started to eat healthier (more on this to come is about 40 days) and lifestyle (I started reading Divine Direction with my best friend and church small group). My choices are not focused on not preparing myself for competition as those days are over but allowing me to put my best self out there for God, family, and friends.

Erica breaks it down into the following categories which I feel align very well with what my message when working with teams to develop the mental game:

  1. Know your WHY
  2. Learn your Habits
  3. Control the Controlables
  4. Embrace your Outcome

Read the rest here and make sure to checkout for other articles and perspectives on female athletes. Thanks Erica!

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