Skill vs. Knowledge

Recently a friend of mine who is an AD at a school in the Des Moines area shared an article that I thought was great at summing up what baseball and softball have become during recent years.

We are in the age of specialization where many kids have private instructors for hitting or pitching. I am just going to put this out there, I have no problem with this or the instructors. I think the skill they provide is excellent and the opportunities to practice can be great for players. But the learning cannot stop there. As the article, They Can Hit 400 Foot Homers, But Playing Catch? That’s Tricky, from the New York Times says many players that are top recruits are getting to the next level because there is no doubt they have skill but many college coaches are teaching things they never have had to in the past.

If you are a coach at any level or an instructor I suggest you read the article and reflect on what it means to your program, business, and youth you encounter. Think about the role you play and how you might be able to make sure you aren’t just developing skills to impress scouts but a well rounded player who can play the game and also be knowledgeable about the game too.

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