Elite Baseball Training Program


1PW – Baseball Training Program

The 1 Pitch Warrior baseball training program was developed by coach Justin Dehmer during his 88 game winning streak that won back to back to back state championships. The system teaches you to play 1 pitch at a time and creates the mindset to unleash your full potential as a coach or player.

This baseball training program has revolutionized the entire approach to the game. In a 1 Pitch Warrior environment players are free to play as hard as they can without fear of failure – Saying, “So what, next pitch,” and playing in the moment.

The 1 Pitch Warrior baseball training program comes with drills, practice plans, video / audio instruction,  and much more.

baseball training program - 1 pitch warrior

Perry Hill – Miami Marlins Infield Coach
World Series Champion & Coached 7 Gold Glove Winners

“35 years in professional baseball, 22 in the ML, coached 7 gold glove winners, at least one at each infield position–coached 29 infielders who have made All- Star game appearances—I hold 2 All-time ML fielding records—1 WS championship — an All Star game appearance—and numerous other honors and awards—
I am not boasting– I am going to make this point–after all I have experienced and been through, what I watched today was the most impressive material I have seen about the mental side of the game.”


  • 1 Pitch Warrior Mental Toughness Training System v2.0 (Online w/Lifetime Updates)
  • 1 Pitch Warrior Lessons in Leadership System (Online w/Lifetime Updates)
  • 1 Pitch Warrior: Guide to Mental Toughness (Book)
  • 1 Pitch Warrior: 101 Tools – Equipped for Excellence (Book)

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elite baseball training program

elite baseball training program

baseball training program - 1 pitch warrior

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