MLB Infield Coach On 1 Pitch Warrior

Perry HIll Miami Marlins Infield Coach Praises 1 Pitch Warrior

The Marlins are currently on a 26 game streak without an error by its infield. Perry Hill, the infield coach for the Miami Marlins, has is extremely happy with the players. Perry Hill has been the infield coach for the Marlins for a while, boasting a 2003 World Championship with Miami.

When it comes to baseball, Coach Hill is an expert. That’s why it is high praise when he said this about the 1 Pitch Warrior Baseball Training System:

This is some of the most impressive material I have ever seen on the mental side of the game

Coach Justin Dehmer developed the 1 Pitch Warrior System while on a record 88 game win streak, leading his team through back to back to back state championships.


  • Give you the Team Process Index (TPI) Scoring System
  • Teach you how to play 1 Pitch at a Time
  • Hand you the keys to unlock your potential
  • Teach you toughness between the lines
  • Provide you a step by step development plan
  • Learn the drills used by Coach Dehmer in a 45 min Hitting Video
  • All the files needed to implement the 1PW System

baseball training program - 1 pitch warrior

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