The Best Compliment

The Best Compliment

Winning championships, coach of the year awards, coaching all-state teams, are all awesome and certainly events to celebrate. To be apart of those kind of moments as a coach are unforgettable. Reality is that not every coach will get those chances or make it happen.

Fortunately, the best compliment that a coach could give has nothing to do with the events I mentioned above. All coaches have this opportunity. Below is a Bio for a player I coached for 5 years at Martensdale-St. Marys. His name is Robert Walker. When I read the last line the hair on the back of my neck raised up and I instantly had goose bumps all over.

Robert Walker - Bio

Robert was a fierce competitor and although I knew we had a great relationship I never realized that I was making such an impact on his life while coaching baseball. When reading his bio which a friend sent me to take a look at I quickly remembered that knowing if you are a success as a coach has very little to do with wins and losses and a lot more to do with the connections we make and lives we affect. He paid me the best compliment I could ever get as a coach. He told me that I made a difference in his athletic success and in his life.

It has been said that knowing if you’re successful as a coach is a 20-year process. I believe that is true. In Robert’s case his kind words were all I needed to know that the time spent coaching baseball will forever affect him in a positive way on the mat while wrestling for Air Force and more importantly in the game of life.

Coach challenge: Look to connect with as many of your players as possible. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Some coaches will connect with players better than others. That is ok. Work as a coaching staff to make sure that all players have been connected to a coach. Work to facilitate character builders and teach more than just the skills and drills of your game. The best education for your players will come by building the foundation of having a growth mindset and a compassionate heart.

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Hope you and your family have a great Good Friday and a Happy Easter!

God Bless

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