How to Truly Win the National Anthem

Winning the Anthem has become increasing popular. In recent years there has been many National Anthem standoffs during baseball and softball games across the country. You can YouTube all kinds of them. I am all for wining the National Anthem as a team standing as one. I hope that winning and glamorizing how long a team can stand to beat the other team isn’t out shadowing the real reason we stand and honor our country before games.


Coach Buzz Williams was feeling this way about his basketball players at Virginia Tech. He felt they weren’t honoring the moment as well as they should be. Not only were they not at attention, he was wondering if they were even paying attention. He used it as a teachable moment. The best part is that we can all learn from it as well. This is a must see for all coaches and something that they all should be showing their players immediately.

Winning the National Anthem

Discuss what your players took away from the video and decide as a team how they will stand to win the anthem this season for the right reasons.

We get to play a great game, in a great country. Lets now let our players lose sight of those who made that possible.

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