Why Do You Coach?

Why Do You Coach?

America today is filled with people working jobs they don’t enjoy, to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like. I wouldn’t put coaches in this category by any means. From working with coaches across the country I would say that most of them enjoy their jobs, but we all know coaches don’t make a ton of money and in many cases they make nothing at all, so they probably aren’t buying things to impress anyone.

The one thing I do find is many coaches have a hard time defining why they coach? There are many answers to that question. Everyone has his or her own definition and reason why they coach but many coaches I find have never actually taken the time to think through this process and write it down.


My challenge to you: Write it down. It is a great activity to do every season to paint a clear picture of why it is you do what you do. You know the X’s and O’s of your sport. But can you define the WHY? Clearly and concisely define the why so you have identified what your purpose is and ultimately what your mission is. Brainstorm and rewrite it until it is something worthy of sharing with an athletic director or parent about why you coach.

I would love to hear your purpose for why you coach. Feel free to email me your responses or post them to my blog.

Once you have your why then it is time to live it out. Don’t just have a mission statement but instead let everyone see you live out your mission as a coach.

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