This past weekend I had the chance to work three different venues. I worked with Auburn Softball on Thursday, spoke at the Alabama Baseball Coaches Association on Friday, and then traveled to Tennessee to speak at their clinic on Friday night and Saturday. I am 10,000 feet in the air at 6:00am flying home Sunday morning reflecting on the busy weekend. All I can say is WOW! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to help make coaches and players better at what they love. Two biggies for me this weekend:

First Takeaway: My faith in the Lord was reinforced by my experiences. I was reminded on several occasions to commit big to him first before all other Earthly things. Not to chase wins, money, or fame. They don’t last and will never fill my soul like He can. There is a point in one of my presentations that I discuss Perfection vs. Excellence. It is my favorite part of that presentation because I get to share my faith with others and the great things I have done would not be possible without HIM. For us humans, perfection is unattainable and we will always come up short. Jesus is the only one who will bat 1.000 this season, he will forgive all your errors, mental mistakes, and loves you the same whether you win the championship or finish last. His grace is amazing and I hope you get to know it if you haven’t already.

When I help a coach learn about a changing what their definition of success is via Quality-At Bats, Quality Innings, A3P, etc. it is very rewarding. When coaches come up to me and say they have been using the 1PW System and it is working for them it is very gratifying but when a coach comes up to me and says thanks for sharing your faith and giving glory to God I get chills every time and know I am doing what God has called me to do.

In Tennessee I had the chance to listen to Coach Robichaux do the same in his first talk about the way they incorporate servant leadership within their program at Louisiana Lafayette. It is certainly based in a Christ centered concept. Putting yourself in a position to help each other and not step on or over each other to get what we want. He was very up front with his belief in the Lord. Later that night I had a chance to visit with him for a while and talk about a variety of things and told him that his presentation was the best I have seen in 4 years speaking at clinics across the country. Anyone who recorded it I want a copy! I am convinced that if we put it on TEDTalks it would have a million or more views by the end of the week. There was even a point during that talk that the coaches started clapping during the presentation. Thanks for sharing Coach! Enjoyed it immensely!!!

While at the TNBCA I was also able to listen to the Rich Froning speak about winning the CrossFit games 4 times in a row! He is an absolute beast! It was set up in an interview format and the question was asked where he gets his strength, determination, and drive from? His first answer without any hesitation was from God. He is a warrior for the lord and attempting to being glory to God through sport not the other way around. He spoke about coming in 2nd after leading the entire Games then losing his lead in the final event the rope climb. He said he was climbing for himself and that loss caused him to reflect on his faith. Of course the next year he won by conquering the rope but this time he was climbing up closer to God through his glory rather than self-glory.

Second Takeaway: I was around some great coaches this weekend. When you are it is hard not to learn from them. Coach Myers and I spent many hours talking about the game. We were up until about midnight at his house and spent even more hours visiting in his office. Coach Robichaux and I also talked at length about many facets of his program. The thing that was reinforced with my conversations with the two of these coaches is their hunger for knowledge. They are continual learners.

Coach Robichaux drove to the Tennessee clinic for his talks. The Association would have paid for his flight, which would have been about, and hour from where he lives to Nashville. But he told me he would rather drive so he could have more time to listen to audio books and take some notes. The car provided him a chance to be alone and gather his thoughts. Quiet time alone is a tough thing for a coach to do when they have a million other things going on. He was looking forward to the 9 hour drive home and felt the drive to Nashville was a productive one. He also told me that the chance to speak is something he enjoys because he wants to listen to others.

Coach Myers has won 9 National Championship at various level both in baseball and softball. He is a Hall of Fame inductee in the NFCA. When we were together with his staff they were like sponges soaking up our conversations. I was amazed at his/their questions, responses, and intent to gather new information that would make the program better. Even after 28 years of head coaching Coach Myers is still a student of the game. It is a growth mindset that the best always display. He craves knowledge and his search for nuggets of knowledge never ends.

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