Impossible = I'm Possible

I stumbled across this ESPN SportsCenter Feature the other day. It is the most amazing end to a football game I have ever watched. There are so many stories within the bigger story that is still mind boggling to me! Watch for yourself…

“Good Gosh O’Mighty” – The Comeback




I want to focus on the player who muffed the two onside kicks. He certainly embodies the 1-Pitch Warrior Mindset. Past failures and setbacks didn’t stop him from making one crazy end to a high school football game even crazier!

He turned the “Impossible” into “I’m Possible.”

I'm Possible

The only touchdown he ever scored in high school coming after two monumental mess-ups. I love that he played the next play and took it one play at a time.

Coaches and players don’t limit your opportunity to success by focusing on past failures. If you do you will never get to where you want to go. Rod Dunn didn’t let the past get in his eyes. He knew right where he wanted to go once the kickoff came his way.

The greatest message in this clip is to press on! Where will you go in 2015? Will you stay focused on the goal or get discouraged by bumps in the road?

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