Resolutions vs. Goals

 As the end of 2014 draws to a close we tend to reflect on the year that has been while also looking to 2015. With that said I want to have a mini celebration for myself. Hey, it’s not bragging if it’s true!

I am a person who has never been a believer in resolutions for the New Year. After all only about 8% of New Years resolutions actually come to fruition. I am though a huge believer in setting goals and working your @#$ off to attain them. Going into 2014 I had a goal of working out for a minimum of 20 minutes at least 260 times this year. I am proud to say that number is already at 270 as I write this with a few weeks still left in 2014. By far my busiest year to date but I made the commitment to stay in the best shape of my life at 34.


As you can see my closet is where I keep some motivation for the day and also record my progress toward my goal. The tally marks are the number of times I have worked out.

Speaking of motivation I have a friend and co-worker that trains really hard and gives me that compared to what type of feeling on days I just don’t want to workout. It is hard not to understand why once you read her blog that she posted on her CrossFit website.

Amy’s Journey

As you look toward 2015 focus more on goals than resolutions. If a pregnant woman and a 34-year-old guy like me can get in the best shape of their lives then there is no reason you can’t either. Maybe your goal isn’t fitness related but make 2015 the year you tackle a major goal. Use the following to help you set a goal that isn’t too vague or unrealistic either. I check to see if my goals live up to the SMART Goal test.

S = Specific (Not just I will work out more but set a certain # of times, I just figured if I could get 5 workouts in a week then I would get to 260, that is where my number came from)

M = Measurable (Hence the artwork wall in my closet)

A = Attainable (I felt that 5 times a week was going to be tough be doable, in the past I had usually worked out 4 times a week)

R = Reasonable (Working out everyday, for me not possible or something I would want to try, my body needs a rest every now and again)

T = Time (I identified a year as my time frame but you could use any length of time but it is important to define a start and end)

Make the big time wherever you are in 2015! 1-goal at a time!

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