A young boy sought enlightenment from a wise monk who practiced pottery making. One sunny afternoon after many years of study and meditation, the boy was admiring one of the monk’s prized pots when it slipped from his hands and broke into many tiny pieces.

The boy apologized profusely. But the monk remained calm. “You need not be sad,” he said with a gentle smile. “It is still within me.”

The wise monk’s true pleasure came through the process of creating and shaping the pot, not in owning it afterward. His joy was not in the destination, but in the journey. Remember the most valued possessions lie within us and our most treasured things aren’t things.


My journey is to continue to bring the 1-Pitch Warrior Mindset to coaches and players. This weekend the destination will be Nashville, TN. I am fortunate to be able to speak at the Baseball Coaches Association Clinic on Friday and Saturday at 1:00 both days. If you will be in attendance please connect with me. I would love to talk baseball, 1PW, and the possibility of working with your program in the future.

Contact me either in person at the clinic,, or cell 515-371-3059. Look forward to a great weekend of baseball!!

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