Bat Rings = Moment Management

Bat Rings = Moment Management

For those of you who have read my posts, books, or heard me speak at a clinic you know I am a believer in routines as the foundation of what allows players to play in the present moment, pitch by pitch. When I work with teams I talk about three vital things that are necessary for a solid routine for a hitter, pitcher, or fielder.

Those three things are:

  • Focal Point
  • Breathe B.I.G.
  • Process based Pitch/Swing Thought

Normally we have players choose their own focal point and introduce the trademark on their bat as a great place to start. There is nothing wrong with it but it has no significance other than being easily seen. Now coaches can purchase 1PW Bat Rings to substitute in the place of the trademark. Moment management comes from building players’ awareness to staying in the present and not get wrapped up in the adversity that is apart of the game. Pretty hard to not see the 1PW Bat Ring on your bat telling to Breathe B.I.G. and be a 1-Pitch Warrior!


They are a great reminder for players to play 1-Pitch at a Time and make sure they are able to get that much needed deep breath before they compete. The green dot can act as a reminder to keep playing the next pitch and to not get stuck at yellow lights after a poor call, swing and miss, etc. Green means go! No red light running. Simple idea that makes a statement.

They are available on my website for purchase individually or in bulk. They are $1 each unless buying in bulk. After you purchase more than 20 you start getting a % off your order. They are super cheap so that you can get one for every player on your team this upcoming season as a reminder to be a 1-Pitch Warrior!

1-20 = $1 each

21-30 = 10% off

31-50 = 15% off

51-above = 20% off

To Purchase 1PW Bat Rings for your son or daughter or your entire program go to the link below:


This is a great way to further your mental game implementation and start the year off with a message of how you want to play the game! Always as a 1-Pitch Warrior!

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