Best Line-Up Ever!!

Dear 1PW’s,

Over a month ago I released my newest project to help continue to build a culture and climate of excellence within your program: Lessons in Leadership. I would like to say thank you for those of you who took advantage of it. I have had great feedback from coaches across the country that have already started to foster leaders, chemistry, and mental toughness within their programs.

I don’t normally do this. In fact I have never done this. I am about to promote a product that is not mine. Although I did play a small role in it there were many others who did as well.

It is Mental Game VIP. And after letting it play in my car over the past few weeks I can say it is OUTSTANDING! It is an absolute must for your coaching library. I couldn’t stop listening to it.

Book Computers and CDs

It is the equivalent of the best coaching clinic you have ever been to and the best part is you don’t even have to leave home to begin learning. The line-up is INSANE! Brian Cain, Tom Hanson, Jon Gordon, Jeff Janssen, Steve Springer, Alan Jaeger, Dr. Jim Afremow, Tim Dixon, Dr. Rob Bell, John Brubaker, Dr. Alan Goldberg, Charlie Maher, Christine Rickertsen, Justin Toole, Aaron Weintraub, Justin Dedman, Mike Margolies, Dr. Rob Gilbert, Justin Dehmer, Mike Tully and bonus interview with Ken Ravizza.

It is a great mix of mental game coaches, sports psychologists, players, and coaches who have used the mental game to its fullest. I listen to it in my mobile office because I know I will be in my car at least 45-55 minutes everyday alone where I can listen, process, and begin to implement many of the strategies with teams I work with. I learned a great deal the first time through with more nuggets each time I continue to listen thereafter.

Like I said normally I don’t do this but the creator of Mental Game VIP has given me permission to allow 1-Pitch Warriors to gain access to this great content at a price that is 25% off the regular $200 for the next 48 hours by using the link provided.

What you get is over 11 hours of baseball/softball specific mental training at your disposal by acting now. In addition to the CDs you will also get a 375-page book with all the interviews in their entirety.

Book and CDs

Call your booster club, raid the piggy bank, check the couch cushions, and look under the seats in your car but don’t miss out on this great product that is sure to become a mainstay in top coaches offices around the country.

Your 1-Pitch Warrior Coach,

Coach Justin Dehmer

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