Coaching, Part 3 (A Must Watch Video)

Coaching, Part 3 (A Must Watch Video)

Coaching is easy when things are going well. It can be tough when the teams not doing well or individual players are struggling. The video below is one of the best examples I have found of a coach at his best. Watch, reflect on what makes this moment so special, and post a comment to this weeks blog to be entered to win a copy of both of my books.


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Post your thoughts on how Mo Cheeks sets a great example for coaches everywhere. Why and how does he do it? Share your opinions below.





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  • Sheryl

    Great Coaches know when to give support if needed. He made a huge difference just by telling her she can do it. Then he proceeded to pat her on the back and sing with her. Looks like he came all the way across the floor to help too. That was awesome!

  • Leslie

    The National Anthem, in and of itself, is always something special, but to watch a human being being compassionate in this situation, and to see a coach be that quick to think on his feet – that is mental toughness. No matter what the game, being able to make adjustments on the fly is crucial to success. Mo Cheeks made a huge adjustment on the fly before the game even began. Kudos to him!

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