The Million Dollar Question…

The Million Dollar Question…


Ok, I lied its not a million dollar question but all who submit a response will be entered into winning both my books: 101 Tools: Equipped for Excellence and 1-Pitch Warrior: Mental Toughness Training System.

I want to hear from you coach. Only those who post will have a chance to win!

DEFINE COACH…what does that mean to you?

I am excited to read your thoughts. You have 48 hours…Ready, Set, Write!

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  • Stephen



    A self-satisfying, prideful, almost *selfish giver who fairly, not equally, coordinates, leads and instructs an athlete or performer to maximize their potential at their chosen endeavor.

    *There is no greater joy than seeing a person or team achieve a goal unanimously set by each participant. Leading that charge is a selfish feeling proving “it is better to give than receive”

  • Josh Hoyle

    A coach is someone who teaches most importantly. What and when they teach is not constricted by being under the lights or at practice. They model, differentiate instruction, and reteach. They are trustworthy, competitive, lifelong learners, caring, proud, passionate, and available at app times for players current and former.

  • Chad Coughenour

    One of the top single word descriptions that you can be known as. Not much feels better than to be KNOWN as coach.

  • callie

    A coach is a leader. Someone who encourages you to be your best, pushes you to be better than yesterday, and is one of your biggest your fans.

  • Joe West

    Coaching is a development process, for his/her students, to support and commit them to their goal(s). Adept coaches coach their current team to the best of their ability and they aren’t ever looking ahead to next year. Coaches don’t allow themselves, their staff, or their players to be satisfied, no matter how successful they are. Great coaches know that it isn’t about them, it’s about the players. Coaches learn what motivates each player on their team. They find ways to light each player’s “internal fire”. They also make sure everything done in practice has a purpose. Every teaching has usefulness. Finally, every coach (should) lead by example and be an exceptional role model in every sense of the word; on and off the court.

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