The Winning Combination

The Winning Combination

Each game that is played is the opportunity to win. The thing about each game is we do not know how that win will come together and we also don’t know which players will play major roles in winning the game. Much like a combination lock it takes different twists and turns plus the correct numbers to make things happen and unlock. Unlike a combination lock the numbers used each night to produce a winning combination may be different.


Tonight it may be #14, #23, #5 and the next game could be some of the same players or a completely new set of players who turn opportunity into victory. One key point to remember is that many times the last twist comes from unexpected source; the pinch hitter off the bench who comes up with a big hit, the pinch runner who steals a bag, or the reliever who closes the game.

Eddie Murphy got the start to unlock his career in much the same way; unaware of the combination that would unlock his bright future. Most people know he got his start on Saturday Night Live but before he was a regular on the show he was actually an extra only getting very brief appearances on the show. One show ran short about 5 minutes and producers were scrambling for anything they could think of to fill the live show. They put Eddie in front of the camera and he did his stand-up routine completely on the spot and 100% improvisation. People loved it. It was the most memorable part of the show. He was one of only two extras to be asked back for the next season of the show. Of course we know the rest of the story.

That one moment may happen this week or the next game for someone on your team. A player gets hurt, someone is benched, or a player is suspended due to violating team rules (read this link). If you are a starter keep preparing relentlessly and playing hard to be apart of your team’s winning combination. If you aren’t stay ready to unlock your teams future. Your opportunity may be coming sooner that you think.

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