What Can You Learn From Corn?

What Can You Learn From Corn? 

There is an old tale in Iowa that if the farmer’s crop doesn’t grow as he would have hoped he doesn’t go out in the field and curse the corn.

Makes total sense.


Can you imagine how bizarre it would be to drive by a farmer yelling at his crops for not producing this year?

I can hear it now, “Why didn’t you grow bigger?” “What’s wrong with you?” “This is not how this is supposed to go!”

It would be comical.

Of course we would not go out into the field and cuss the crop.

But I see it so many times in softball and baseball where the pitcher during a tough inning looks at the mound tries to fix the hole in the dirt as if it is the problem for his inability to throw strikes. Or after an infielder makes an error she looks at her glove with body language that says, “Is there something wrong with you?” “Why didn’t you make that play?”

Don’t cuss the corn! We need to create players that are able to accept failure and not play the blame game. It is not the bats fault, it is not glove that made the error, or the divot in the mound either. Players need to except the results and own them. You are responsible for the plays you make either good or bad.

The farmer knows that the crop didn’t grow the way he wanted it to potentially because of his actions or inactions. He looks himself in the mirror and can only blame himself. Players need to learn the same lesson…

Don’t Cuss the Corn! (or your bat, glove, umpire, field conditions, etc.)

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