1-Pitch Warrior Mental Toughness Training – Summer/Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Dear Coaches,

Many high school/college baseball and softball seasons are coming to a close and summer seasons are underway across the country. Unfortunately only one team can win the last game they play. This leaves many coaches left planning for the next season and what they can do to continue to improve their programs. I would love to be apart of that. It is my passion to work with players to create the 1-Pitch Warrior Mentality and with coaches to set up solid systems of measurement that work, provide solid feedback, and create sound practice strategies that allow for players to be challenged not just go through the motions.

Many teams I have worked with have found great value in the 1-Pitch Warrior System and it has become a foundational piece to their program and how they operate.

“I owe a lot to your philosophy, it has helped our program so much.”

– Head Coach Clark Stringfellow, Bountiful High School Baseball, 2014 Utah State Champions

“We are not nearly as talented as we’ve been, but the girls have continued to work very hard or “smart” and are just playing above their heads right now, which we have the 1PW system to thank.”

– Head Coach Kevin Werth, Piedra Vista High School Softball, 2014 New Mexico State Champions, 9 Straight State Titles

This is my one shameless plug this year because I want to work with your program on their journey to excellence. I am starting to book teams and space is limited. I will only work with a set number of teams on-site this coming year and I would love for one of those teams to be yours. I have attached a document at the bottom of this that details what I do with teams I work with. Please feel free to email me at coachd@1pitchwarrior.com or call me at 515-371-3059 with further questions.


Coach Justin Dehmer

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