30 Day Challenge – Follow Up

30 Day Challenge – Follow Up

At the beginning of April on my 1PW Weekly Blog I posted a 30 Day Challenge after watching this TED Talk by Matt Cutts. If you haven’t already watched it then do it. It is 3 minutes and 27 seconds long.

After writing the challenge I had many coaches and players email me about the opportunity to do something new for 30 days. I too, took the challenge. I could not have others take the plunge without doing the same. After all you lead by example plus I love a challenge. I actually picked 3 things to do for 30 days:

1) I followed Matt Cutts lead and took a picture for 30 days straight.

2) I have always wanted to learn to play guitar so this was a perfect chance for me to work on that. I choose to practice each day for 30 days.

3) Lastly, I watched 30 different TED Talks throughout the course of April.

This post is dedicated to the pictures I took for the 30 Day Challenge and what I learned through this that I didn’t expect. Next week I will post which TED Talks I found most fascinating and how they might change the way you think, live and coach.

Day 1 - Foot

Day 1 – I started training for my first half marathon at the end of May and ended up with a terrible pain in my foot. Needless to say it slowed me down a little but I rubbed some dirt on it and have “run it off” so to speak.







Day 2 - Soccer Practice


Day 2 – Indoor soccer practice. Have been helping coach my daughters team for two years. The girls have grown on me and I look forward to every practice.




Day 3 - Special Education Wing


Day 3 – When I come to school and leave I always walk through the special education wing by the seats, harnesses, and such that some students need to get around. Makes me grateful for healthily kids and family.




Day 4 - Ticket for Window Tint


Day 4 – Got a ticket for my tinted windows being to dark. Boo!!





Day 5 - Soccer Game


Day 5 – First soccer game! Went really well. We aren’t supposed to keep score but the girls knew they won by a bunch.





Day 6 - Gymnastics Meet


Day 6 – Grace competed in a gymnastics competition. Always a joy to watch your kids doing things they love.







Day 7 - Audio Book


Day 7 – Started listening to a great book on the way to and from work. Game changer!!







Day 8 - Last Kiss from Macy


Day 8 – Undoubtably the toughest day of the month. Macy, our dog passed away. This was a picture of the last kiss I got from Macy.







Day 9 - 78 Degrees


Day 9 – The warmest day of the year! Spring finally arrives in Iowa.







Day 10 - Gavin's 1st Game


Day 10 – Gavin’s first baseball game! Made two outs and hit the ball every time.







Day 11 - FedEx Truck


Day 11 – FedEx truck reminding me to have a good perspective after a long day at school.





Day 12 - Life Is Beautiful


Day 12 – A picture that hangs in my bedroom. A much needed reminder sometimes when life gets dark.







Day 13 - Granite City Brunch


Day 13 – Ate at the Granite City Buffet for the first time with great friends and my girlfriend. Three plates deep at this point!





Day 14 - Snow


Day 14 – Spring, nope. Let it snow, again! I thought winter was over.





Day 15 - After Softball Game


Day 15 – Grace and I coming home after a softball game just enjoying the moment and replaying the game with a discussion.







Day 16 - Guitar


Day 16 – My guitar. Learning that learning is a process but can be done at any age.







Day 17 - 1st Communion


Day 17 – Grace’s first communion and was also picked to read a part of the bible that night.





Day 18 - 60 Minute Run


Day 18 – Longest run of my life. Over an hour straight! Half marathon, here I come.





Day 19 - Easter Service


Day 19 – Easter service. He has risen! For you and for me.





Day 20 - Easter at the Ballpark


Day 20 – Easter Day at the Iowa Cubs. What a great day!





Day 21 - 1st Page of Kids Book


Day 21 – First page of a kids ABC book I started.







Day 22 - 2nd Grade Concert


Day 22 – Grace’s school music concert.







Day 23 - HeroDay 23 - Gift for New Job







Day 23- Card, cupcakes, and a book from my girlfriend as a surprise gift for my new position as a math instructional coach for next school year.


Day 24 - Rainbow and Heart


Day 24 – Grace made a rainbow out of construction paper and then added a heart made of her scarves.





Day 25 - House Fire


Day 25 – House that was completely destroyed in our town.




Day 26 - New Landscape


Day 26 – Planted landscape in the backyard around the deck.





Day 27 - Longest Run Yet


Day 27 – Another 60 minute + run!







Day 28 - Papers Graded


Day 28 – Interviewed new candidates all day at school for math positions created a ton of late night work for me at home.





Day 29 - Rain, rain, rain


Day 29 – At this point it had rained in Iowa for three straight days which was good for my new landscaping but bad for practices and games.





Day 30 - Gavin Wearing my Shoes


Day 30 – My son put on my shoes and started wearing them around the house. I   paused and thought in a blink he will be wearing shoes that size.







At first I wanted to do this as a challenge. I quickly realized it was much more than just a challenge. It made me more aware of the small things that I cherish. Not only did it make me more aware of blessings within my life I also now had a picture of those people, events, moments that either made me grateful, filled me with pride, or broke my heart to keep. It also reminded me that life is precious. This was just one month, 30 days, and as I look back it seems so packed full of life. Which April was a month of ups and down for sure. A reminder that every picture won’t be a joyful one, that everyday won’t be off the charts. There will be highlights along the way but there will also be heartache and hardships. Those moments need to be captured too. Can’t have the good without the bad. A picture is worth a thousand words so I figure April was worth at least 30,000 but probably more. Here is to the next picture that will take your breath away or capture your heart one picture, one moment, one pitch at a time!

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