Bunt Scrimmage

Bunt Scrimmage

We all know how important bunting has become with the recent changes in metal bats. It has changed the game which means we need to change our approach to the way we practice it. I like to use this statement when talking to teams and coaches I work with, “There is a difference between having a pretty swing and being a hitter.”

I believe the same is true for bunting. A player may have a good looking mechanically sound bunt when you go through your bunt drills of 10 or 15 bunts in a row but they can’t seem to get it done in the game due to the pressure. The bunt scrimmage game is designed to have players practice the pressure in a competitive scrimmage while getting good solid defensive work for your infielders too.

bunt 2

As you would expect the game is measured and scored with three different teams that you create. Each player would have the chance to bunt 3 times. I feel it is more productive to have a player bunt three live times with a count and fielders than it is to go take 30 bunts one after another. You can vary where the runners are and change them each inning. 1st inning could be runners at first, then the next inning could be at second, and the third inning could be runners at third working on a squeeze. Or one day everyone stays at first. Then the next time you play the bunt scrimmage later in the week they will be at second.

The idea is that you would not do this everyday. Probably not even every other day. A couple times a week to work your hitters and go over bunt defense with your infielders would go along way. All the finer rules and details are included on the chart itself. The file is contained within the 1PW 2.0 System but I have also included it below too. If you are looking for other great ways to implement 1PW please checkout the 1PW 2.0 System.


I want to thank my best friend Jon Fitzpatrick for sharing this with me and be gracious enough to let me share it with other coaches and the 1PW Nation. I know it will make your practice that much more productive.

Just a few news and notes on the horizon…

  • Short term – look for both of my books to be available on Amazon Kindle very soon. Look for details via twitter, my website, and future blog posts.
  • Long term – working on a 3rd book right now, 1PW – Stories of a Streak: Lessons in Leadership w/ worksheets for team building and also a kids book ABC Book that is untitled at this point.

Keep at it 1-Pitch at a time!


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