My Favorite Animal

My Favorite Animal

Do you want to know what my favorite animal is? I bet you can’t guess what it is. Click the following video and you will see.


Probably not what you expected. Remember that we can’t change much of what goes on around us but we can certainly change how we respond to it. This is why I love the Mimic Octopus so much. The animal has a remarkable ability to compensate and adjust. On mornings like I have had today where things are moving a million miles an hour and nothing is going the way I had planned. I think about the Mimic Octopus. It reminds me that one of the toughest things for coaches, players, or people to do is change.

When things don’t go your way. Don’t get upset, slow down, deal with it. Compensate and adjust throughout your day knowing that you always control your response to an event. We get it confused and think the event is supposed to control our attitude or response.

The rest of this week on and off the field be more like the Mimic Octopus. Change when change is needed.


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