A3P (After Three Pitches)

A3P (After Three Pitches)

A3P is another tool we use to measure our pitchers that goes well with first-pitch strikes. What we are measuring is our pitchers’ abilities to get the ball in play and get ahead in the count. Obviously, we want to get as many first-pitch strikes as possible, but an A3P can still be earned even if they do not get a first-pitch strike across. I like this approach. It is still the game- within-the-game and no letdown occurs just because the first one did not get over. An A3P is awarded in two cases:

1. The pitcher has the ball put in play within the first three pitches, regardless of outcome.

2. Gets ahead and has thrown two strikes within the first pitches.

Examples of each: A pitcher throws a ball, then another ball, and then the batter gets a double. He would earn an A3P. Remember, we are not concerned with the result when measuring the process. We are trying to keep pitch count low.

If a pitcher throws a ball, then comes back with two strikes to get back ahead, he earns an A3P.


What we are trying to achieve is our pitchers going through the entire order and earning at least six A3Ps. This amounts to a 66.6% overall A3P average. We have found longevity in our starters and quality outings, time and time again, when they reach this mark. Our best pitchers have always been the ones who have the highest A3P.

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