ABCA – Funny How Things Work Sometimes

ABCA – Funny How Things Work Sometimes

No question the biggest stage in amateur baseball, the ABCA. I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak this past weekend. They tell me that there were over 4,000 coaches in attendance. They were everywhere. It was a great weekend. Many of you were there and may have noticed that I was supposed to talk at 12:30 and ended up at giving my talk on QAB/BASE2/TPI at 1:00.


Here is what happened behind the scenes. The morning of we had a quick run through and rehearsal. We plugged in all the components to my computer and made sure the presentation was working. All was a go. We were set.

I stayed all morning to listen to the other speakers (who were great) until I was on deck. Once I was on deck, I took my computer and myself back stage were I was fitted with a wireless microphone and waiting my turn to speak. I opened up my computer and all was looking good. As 12:30 approached my computer decided to freeze up and wasn’t working. The mental game kicked in and 1-Pitch Warrior mentality took over. No panic, no worry. Control what I can control. Breathe and stay focused. I worked with the tech guys back stage to get my computer working but to no avail. It wouldn’t even shutdown or restart. With only a few minutes until 12:30 there was no way things would be set and ready to go. Coach Ryan McGinnis was gracious enough to switch spots with me while we continued to get things in working order. Big thanks to him.

Good thing I had backed-up my presentation on a flash drive that we used to load the presentation onto their computers backstage because my computer was not working at all. It is good to have plan A but like Ken Ravizza said, “We must learn to compensate and adjust.” I feel with the help of others I certainly did. We worked through it, played the next pitch, and things went well when it was my turn to speak.

I am grateful for the opportunity and exposure for what it takes to play as a 1-Pitch Warrior. I made many new friends in baseball and was able to see many others I knew as well. Great to connect and build relationships will last.

For those of you in attendance and those who weren’t I am still offering the 1PW Triple Crown for a discounted price of $130 for those who use the code: 1PW2014. That gets you 2 books, 1PW DVD, and online access for LIFE to the 1PW System. When I add new content you get it for FREE.

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