Run Dehmer Run


You may have heard the saying “Run to the Roar,” coined by Coach Assaiante, the famous Trinity College Squash Coach whose teams put together the NCAA’s longest winning streak of 244 games over an 11 season span and even wrote a book about it. I often refer to the saying when working with teams and think of it often in my own life when challenges arise.

Recently, I was headed home from Memphis and needed to connect in Minneapolis. We were late arriving, I was sitting in the back of the plane, and my connecting flight was already boarding. I was thinking mental game all the way. I was staying calm knowing there was nothing I could do to control the situation on the plane to speed things up. Complaining wasn’t going to make anyone move any faster and getting frustrated wasn’t going to make the connecting flight wait for me either.

I knew that I was in for a run to the roar type of moment, literally. I exited the flight from Memphis in Terminal G, checked the departure board for my flight back to Des Moines. I ran to gate F7 to find people boarding. I made it…to the F7 in time, except the flight was to Detroit!!! I read the board wrong. I found the closest departure board and as I am reading that my flight is actually at gate C16 and is boarding they are calling my name over the intercom system to not miss the flight!


Time to RUN to the ROAR… again. I am not sure how far that run was but I had at least six-minute mile pace through the airport. Thankfully there were a few moving sidewalks along the way that helped the pace (special thanks to the guy who told me that my backpack was coming open as I ran). As I approached the gate not seeing anyone thinking that the door was going to be closed and I was going to be stuck in Minneapolis. I started running as fast as I could, I turned the corner it was open and then my backpack exploded and everything fell out. Just the Delta ticket lady and I standing there. She could see that I was a little winded and held nothing back to make it on time. Her timing was priceless. She said one thing, “Just breathe.” Mental game!

Let Coach Assaiante remind us that in tough times we need to Run to the Roar! Let the Delta worker remind us all in tough times and in big moments to Breathe B.I.G.! Slow the game down. Especially this holiday season when we can be running around like crazy. Slow things down and enjoy the moments with family and friends. Let me remind you to not hold back to whatever it is you are pursuing in life. Sometimes the door of opportunity is only open for a certain amount of time and you must be ready for it. Pursue your passions persistently.

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