Helmet Sticker Awards: 1-Pitch Warrior of the Day

Helmet Sticker Awards: 

1-Pitch Warrior of the Day

I have always been fascinated with football teams and their helmet stickers. Truth be told I have never played one snap of football. Despite never playing football as a kid I knew that the stickers were awarded to players for doing positive things for their team. Each position has its own way to earn them whether it was a great block or a sack of the quarterback. Everyone has an opportunity to earn them. By the end of the season it is quite impressive to see a helmet full of stickers.

         Question: Why do baseball teams not do this?

I would like to start a 1-Pitch Warrior Movement to implement this in your program. It is easy to do. Award a helmet sticker for your 1-Pitch Warrior of the Day, give them for extra effort, and recognize the process. Give your players recognition for things that normally go unrecognized by the box score or in the paper the next day. Award them for the leftfielder who hustled to back up the play even though there was no overthrow. To the pitcher who had a terrible first inning only to grind it out and get three outs and a few runs given up but kept battling the rest of the game and didn’t lose composure giving your team a chance to comeback. Award the 1-Pitch Warrior of the Day sticker for mental toughness for anything you deem worthy. You could award the sticker for the player that finally broke out of the slump they had been battling for the past few games.

Don’t award it to the player who is 4 for 4. That is too easy. It should not be a MVP type of thing. Give it out for effort and attitude. These are the things that sometimes go overlook but are so vital to have on a solid team. When players perform well you should absolutely hold those days on high but don’t lose sight of the intangibles that are so crucial to success.

Some programs have used the stickers and gone so far to award the stickers whenever one of their players has a quality at-bat. I love the idea and think it is a bold statement to your players that we don’t care about batting average and we are actually going to show you how much we feel this way.

Others I have worked with have developed criteria for earning one through out the course of a game that are hustle or team oriented:

1)   Take an extra base

2)   Backing up a base

3)   Sacrifice bunt

4)   Etc.

I have also worked on my own criteria for the stickers too.

Click the link and check it out below.

I have my 1PW Helmet Stickers available on my website for anyone interested in starting a recognition program like this. You don’t have to buy them from me but by all means take the idea and run with it within your program. Visit store.1pitchwarrior.com for more info to implement this in your program.

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¾” Vinyl Sticker, Clear with White Logo. Looks good on any color helmet.


1PW Helmet Stickers Criteria

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  • Rob Henry

    Great job with the helmet sticker idea. We came up with a Toughness Chart we used this past spring with our players that they really bought into. We used some of the same things you did with some other things on ours as well, including:

    Moving runner over
    2-out RBI
    Leadoff man on base
    Taking extra base
    Picking up teammate
    Blocking pitches with runners on base
    1-2-3 inning
    Shutdown inning after scoring
    Hitting relay man
    Backing up bases

    Our players did a great job last year of tracking these things and it became a great tool for our bench players to use to stay focused and communicate to the players in the field or at the plate. It helped keep them in the game to the point we would have guys coaching each other up about backing up bases, getting to relay positions, communicating, etc. even as plays were unfolding. It also helped with their knowledge of the game and what we were looking for and evaluating them on as a coaching staff.

    Rob Henry
    Kentucky State University

    Rob Henry
    Kentucky State University

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