Give Thanks – Letters of Thanks-Giving

Give Thanks – Letters of Thanks-Giving 

This is the time of year to be thankful for the many gifts and blessing we have as coaches and athletes. I wanted to give you some ideas to use within your program to make sure that our thanksgivings continue year round.


Thanks – Giving Letters From Players

Have every player on your team create a handwritten letter to someone in their life who has played a huge part in their success. This generation is so into the email, text, snapchat, tweet, and facebook that many of them might have not even written a handwritten letter to someone who is important to them. Getting something personal like a handwritten letter is always a great way to say thanks forgiving yourself to my life.

Some points to make while writing the letter:

1)   Express your thankfulness in your own words

2)   Use good handwriting

3)   Tell them why they have been influential in your growth

4)   Tell them you love them (if comfortable)

5)   Be thankful they are in your life

Thanks – Giving Letters From Parents

            Many of you may already or have heard of teams having players write the letter of gratitude to others who have helped them in their journey through life. An awesome spin on this is to get in touch with the parents or family members of your team and have them write a letter to your players about what they have meant to them, how proud of them they are, and how much they are loved.

Surprise them with it. Do not tell them you are doing this. At some point during the season give them the envelopes, tell them you had their parents write a letter to them about how much they loved them, have them go find a quiet place to read it on the field, in the dugout, in a classroom, or in the locker room. Sit back and watch what happens. I think you will find that the reaction is a powerful one. Some players may be brought to tears, some may not, but all will feel the love from their parents who are pulling for them on and off the field.

In addition you could ask the players to share what they read. Some will, some won’t and that is ok. In any event the players will understand more about each other. That they are not just playing for themselves but their families, and the program is a larger body than just the on field product.

I hope you have great Thanksgiving with friends and family. In the midst of it all take time to reflect on the gifts you have. God bless!

P.S. Take it 1-Bite at a Time!




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