Here are a few more exercises that you can use with your team to create a solid foundation for them to become a band of brothers or sisters that can weather the storms of ups and downs that we all know will occur this upcoming season.








1) If You Really Knew Me _____________________________________.

This is a tough one sometimes for players to really put themselves out there and be vulnerable. The first time they try it they might say really simple things like “if you knew me you would know I have two brothers and sisters.” That is great but we want deeper thoughts. Have them do this a couple of times the first time and then come back to it throughout the season. Challenge them to open up to each other. Have your coaches start this out by sharing first and setting a good example of the type of responses that you are looking for. Maybe a coach might share, “If you really knew me you would know that when I was 15 my father died from cancer.” The deeper the better and more feelings your players can add the closer they will become.

2) Fill Up Your Bucket

I stole this idea from my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher. Every student had a small bucket on the wall that would get filled with cotton balls when a good deed is done or something that was above and beyond what the teacher was expecting. This was an obvious effort on her part to create a good climate within the classroom. For your team get an item that notes can be dropped into from other players rather than cotton balls. Could be a manila envelope, could be a bucket with a lid on it, whatever the case all our “buckets” become empty at one point or another during the course of a season. Thoughtful words from a coach or a teammate may be all another player needs to keep pressing on and give them a pick me up. After games or practice encourage your team to write a positive comment before leaving and fill up someone’s bucket. We can help each other’s buckets stay full of energy and commitment with this exercise.

I hope you have enjoyed the T.E.A.M. Building exercises and will give at least a couple of them a try with your team in your upcoming season. If you liked last two 1-Pitch Warrior Blogs then you will find even more exercises to develop chemistry and bonds for your players in my next book 1-Pitch Warrior: 101 Tools – Equipped for Excellence due out in late November.

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