Some teams come together on their own and others never seem to get there. How much have you tried to foster that growth, have you tried to build chemistry? If you have then I say keep working that process. If you are hoping it happens on its own then I am sure what you have found is that often times it falls short of your expectations and you are left with a bunch of individuals rather than a team fight for a common cause. The following are some activities that you may find of interest in your quest to create a team. Remember TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More if there is Total Effort All Members.


Note: When doing these exercises it is important to help players feel secure and confident that what is said in the room stay in the room. Call it your “Vegas Room” or your “Safe Room.” The important part is for players to open themselves up and this won’t happen if they feel at all insecure about their surroundings. They must be as comfortable as possible if they are to be honest and vulnerable.

1)  = Hero, Highlight, and Harship

In this activity each player will share who their hero is, a highlight from their past that is not related to sports, and then a hardship they had to endure as an individual. This is a way to open up the players. Let others into their lives and what got them to where they are today. How well can you really know someone if you don’t know who their hero is, Their biggest highlight, and the times that were toughest for them? I am certain you will learn many things you didn’t going into this activity. It could be a session you do altogether one night over pizza or maybe you just have one player share their 3 H’s before practice each day.

2) Defining Moment

First, give players a note card to write down their defining moment. Give them a definition of a defining moment – being a time that brought them great joy and shift in who they have become, a moment that is etched in time for them, and has brought a source of great power for future growth. Once enough time is given then have each player go around the room or dugout, stand up, and read their defining moment. What we don’t want is there to be a lapse in each defining moment with a player going, umm, umm… This is why I think writing it down before hand is a better idea. It becomes a pretty powerful event to hear the moments that define the individuals on your team.

Chemistry is about interactions, bonds, and behaviors of elements. Our team should be treated much the same way. We want to learn and have the ability to create interactions, bonds, and behaviors of our players through carefully crafted activities. Be sure to check back next week for and second part of T.E.A.M. Builders.

If you have any other activities that you do with your team I and other coaches would love to hear about them. Please feel free to share your great ideas with other coaches in the comments section.




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