Two C’s of Being a Championship Program

Two C’s of Being a Championship Program

It is said that great teams are full of great teammates. A team full of individuals will never get as far as the team that has each other’s back. The WE over ME mentality is will undoubtedly play a part in your teams ability to handle the highs and lows of the season. Being a great teammate starts with one thing, YOU.

I have had this question asked many times to me either through email, direct message, or at clinics by coaches and players. What if you don’t have players buying in or being the type of teammates needed to be successful? I believe it is the coaches and players responsibility to implement the Two C’s of Being a Championship Program. The first is the Culture and the second is the Climate.


The culture of a program that desires to be successful and one of excellence must be created through pre-season meetings with both coaches and players to determine the mission statement of the program, goals for the upcoming season, and expectations that are to be upheld by every member of the team. If they are unable to do these things then consequences will be handed down until ultimately the individual is removed from the team. The culture of the program is the foundation of what you will be about and what will drive the day to day commitment to excellence.

The climate of the program is a daily commitment to each other and being able to give and get the best from each one another. Lets face it you could have a six figure job doing something you love but if you don’t like the people you work with and they create a climate that is not enjoyable then you will be looking for work elsewhere before long. Will you be a thermostat or a thermometer? The average temperature dictates the climate of a body of land over the course of the year. The climate of your team this year will be dictated by the ability of your personnel to work together for the common good of all even if that means they might have to take a back seat or fill a role they are not completely happy with. Players and coaches that are thermometers will just take the temperature and notice the climate is not great but do nothing about it. On the other hand players and coaches who are thermostats will realize that practice is moving slowly today and be able to turn up the heat or that players are getting mad and frustrated for one reason or another and be able to cool things off. It is about recognition and understand that we have the ability to respond how we see fit.

Great teams have great culture and championship climate. Each day can bring a different climate. The best team will compensate and adjust due to what each day brings.

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