John Wooden once said, “It is what you learn after you know it all that counts.” He also believed that once someone is through learning they are through. I agree completely. One of the things that has helped me become a better coach, consultant, and speaker is my hunger for new knowledge. I try to learn as much as possible from others who have been around the game longer and have had success. What works for them could quite possibly work for me too.


I just worked with a few teams in Michigan and Illinois this past weekend and it really got me thinking about why some programs fail to improve while others continue to succeed. One reason is because they are constantly trying to improve their knowledge of the game. I have been to many clinics as a speaker and find that the coaches who have the best programs/most respected are the ones that do a few things:

1)   Sit at or near the front

2)   Ask great questions

3)   Follow up with more clarifying questions through email, texts, or phone calls

Another great idea that you can do with your coaching staff is split up and have each coach go to watch a practice for a different program. Ask to visit a local college or another high school you respect and watch how they operate. If you’re a baseball coach then don’t be afraid to go watch a softball practice and vice versa. Take notes on the good, the bad, and the things you do similar. Chances are you will certainly learn at least a few things. If each coach does this same activity in your program then think of how much better you will be in the long run if done every year.

Don’t be a coach who thinks they know it all. If you don’t change the way you operate your program then how can you expect different results? Constantly be adjusting the things you do within your program. Challenge the way you do things and give your players your best so that they can be theirs.

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Keep your mind on your GRIND, fake it until you make it and see what you’ll find.

As always focus on the process, win pitches in the present, and win your day as a 1-Pitch Warrior!

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