I am twenty-four hours removed from one of the most physically demanding challenges I have been apart of. Over ten miles of rugged hilly terrain that was very grueling mixed with over a dozen obstacles ranging from an ice bath to the electric shock mud crawl you are challenged every bit of the way. The race tests your fears with water, mud, small confined spaces, electric shock, heights, mud, walls of all sorts, and more mud. The best part is that I dominated every inch of the course 200 feet at a time. My goal was not to finish but to finish by running every part of the course between the obstacles while also completing them along the way. Since this is my first event/race ever, to say I am proud of myself is an understatement. Hey, it is not bragging if it is true. Confidence is a choice.

BEFORE                                                                                  AFTER

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There were times during the obstacles that I was a bit tentative but the course is about challenging yourself, conquering fears, and overcoming obstacles. Essentially acting differently than you feel. I can say that is what Tough Mudder is all about and also what being a 1-Pitch Warrior is about. It is not about feeling your best all the time or having great performances every night. It is about working through the tough times as well. To know that once you get through them you will be stronger because of them. If it doesn’t challenge you then it won’t change you.


The next 200 feet thought process really came into play in a big way. I had trained for hills but the ones on the course were hard to replicate around where I live in Iowa. I kept focused on the present, not how much more was left. Just wanted to get to the next marker or bush or tree was all that was going on in my head. Focusing on what I could control which was my effort and attitude. The course was the course. I could not change it even if I wanted to. I noticed plenty of people making it even harder on themselves with poor attitudes, complaining about how hard it was, and letting conditions dictate their effort. You have to rise above that and NOT HOLD BACK!

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When I wrote the first article before I had finished the challenge I mentioned how I used a former player going through basic training as motivation and to keep the compared to what mentality about my own training and the race itself. Funny how timing works but when I arrived home on Sunday I had received a hand-written letter from him about his ability to survive the first two weeks of basic training and how they aren’t going to break him. His exact words were, “It is also important here to just stay focused on the present moment because if you let your mind get ahead of you it’s hard to take in all the changes that are going on.” My race was certainly not as hard as what he and other men and women go through to serve our country. But knowing what he was going through helped me work extremely hard. I got to take a warm shower and go home to a nice house and my own bed the next day. Those that protect our country don’t. I applaud his effort and all others who are and have serve the USA. I also applaud Tough Mudder for making a point of honoring our armed forces before the race began.

I am proud to say that I am a 1-Pitch Warrior and a Tough Mudder!

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