1-Pitch Warrior turns Tough Mudder

Coach Justin Dehmer

1-Pitch Warrior turns Tough Mudder

I am going to take a break from the Championship Coaches Corner this week and let you in on something that I have been preparing for over the last six months. This weekend I will be running in a race called Tough Mudder. It is advertised as being one of the toughest races around. Checkout the clip below to get a feel for what it is like.


I have been preparing relentlessly for what will be the first real race I have ever run in. Although I have always tried to stay in good health having signed up for the event has taken my workouts up a notch to a level I have not performed at in years. I would honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life. I feel great, even better than my collegiate baseball days at Central Arizona, Kansas State, or Grand Canyon. (I know I played at a ton of schools, lol)

In training for the Tough Mudder I know I have been using many 1-Pitch Warrior Mentality Lessons along the way.

Compared to What? (Perspective)

I really do love to workout. It is my “go to place” after a tough day of teaching or life in general it is a way to “flush my frustrations.” But there are always those days mixed in when going home early seems so much easier, shorting myself on a set, or I may not “feel” up to it (Motion over Emotion). On those days my thoughts turn to one of my favorite sayings “Compared to what?”

I have a former player who is at Air Force and going through basic training right now and I think my hour workout can’t be nearly as hard as what he is having to go through. The all day mental and physical training he must be doing must be draining He has no contact to the outside world unless it is a letter that someone has written him. That sounds tough. My workout seems much easier once I put it in good perspective.

The Next 200 Feet – 1-Pitch/Rep/Step at a Time

There is no doubt that all of the strategies I teach baseball and softball players on the field to perform their best have come in extremely handy while training for this race. I still feel the best gift a coach can give their players is the ability to fail and learn strategies for mental toughness. These are the skills that they will need in the real world when baseball or softball are long gone.

Although training has been grueling and strenuous I try to chunk it into the smallest pieces possible. Putting all effort and concentration into this rep this set. Or if I am struggling to finish a run I would pick something out not to far ahead of me and run the stop sign and then once at the stop sign go to the next tree, etc.

We self-sabotage ourselves if we look too far forward at what must be accomplished. If we do this we can easily overwhelm ourselves. I focus on the present and not the 20 minutes that are left in my run.

There is no doubt about how I will run the race. It will be done 200 feet at a time both physically and mentally. For me this is key. I may be strong physically but if my mind isn’t just as strong then finishing the race may prove to be too much.

Plan Your Work then Work Your Plan

I made a commitment to myself that I would need to workout no less than 4 times a week leading up to this week. I have followed through on this plan along with the help of some other friends who have been my accountability partners in this. In this day and age we know more about fitness and exercise than ever before. I talked with other used their ideas and incorporated those ideas into my training.

The problem lies in the fact that most people know what they need to do, but they don’t do what they know. If you have a goal or dream in mind find others who will support you and get up, get out, cut the BS out! Work the plan 200 feet at a time. If things don’t go the way you hoped then compensate and adjust but keep going. Although the Tough Mudder is 12 miles I know that the six inches between my ears will be the most important distance of the day. Play the Next Pitch as a 1-Pitch Warrior!

Stay tuned for updates from the race via my Twitter handle @1pitchwarrior or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/1pitchwarrior

Keep making the big time wherever you currently are and winning the day!

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  • Aye

    Russ did Tough Mudder in October. They had to swim through a cotcnrustion dumpster of ice water. There was more ice than water in it. There was a board in the middle of the dumpster, stretched all the way across with barbed wire on the top, that ensured that everyone had to go under at some point. Brutal. He loved it. It was pretty awesome to watch- he did it with three other college friends. Do it!

    • Coach D

      That was real living! It was awesome! My favorite part.

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