Practice/Game Day Throwing Routine

Coach Dehmer’s Practice/Game Day Throwing Routine

Last week I gave coaches ideas to step up their pre-practice/pre-game throwing and make it more game like. This week I wanted to give you exactly what we used and the reasons behind our throwing program.

What does the first 15-20 minutes of your practice look like? Do you just do what you have always done? Or your coaches did when you played?

I believe the game before the game is how well you can conduct stretch and throw segment of your practice/game.

One of the most under-valued parts of practice has always been “warming-up”. I have never taken that approach to the beginning of practice. We are not warming our arms up, we are preparing for how we will perform in the game. The days of players in the outfield talking about what they are going to do this weekend or what happened at school that day are over. That cannot exist in a program of excellence. One year we went as far as telling the players they could not talk at all. They may not like it but I have yet to see a 3rd basemen visiting with the shortstop after he makes a play during the game. We want focus and concentration for these first 15-20 minutes of our day. It is quite possible that players will have more opportunities at the beginning of the day to throw the baseball than they rest of practice combined.  We want to simulate as many different types of throws they will make from their position and also have the opportunity to work on receiving the ball as well. If they play multiple positions then just have them alternate every other day.

Below is a link to a document detailing what players will do and how things will be executed. If you are looking for a more detailed explanation you can purchase my 1-Pitch Warrior DVD which includes detailed videos breakdown of every aspect of the throwing program plus much, much more.

Download Coach Dehmer’s Pre-Game Throwing Routine

I welcome any comments and questions, as always Play in the Present as a 1-Pitch Warrior!

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  • Jim

    Please explain the “5’s”

    • Coach D

      5 Wrist Flips
      5 Chest to Chest no stride, checking position of hand and elbow before throwing
      5 Shoulder to Shoulder no stride, checking position of hand and elbow before throwing
      5 Shoulder to Shoulder w/ stride, checking position of hand and elbow before throwing
      5 Step in Fronts with putting everything together in a fluid motion

      All meant to be done at short distance. For an actual video demonstration on the entire throwing program checkout

      Play it 1-Pitch at a Time as a 1-Pitch Warrior!

  • Blake

    Can you explain the One-Knee Glove Pinch and Catapult

    • Coach D

      One Knee Glove Pinch – players throw and bending at the waste means that they will pinch the glove between their chest and their thigh.

      Catapult – start on one knee. After the throw players come up off the knee to a standing position that is bent over and finished.

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