Creating Great Perspectives for Your Players –Follow Up

Creating Great Perspectives for Your Players –Follow Up

Perspective 2013In an early blog post I talked about creating a perspective poster for yourself or your team or better yet, both. A great idea I borrowed from Brian Cain and used with my own teams to help  that the struggles that happen in the game of baseball will always be far less than the ones we have to deal with in the game of life.

Many of you may already know that the movie “42” is set to come out on April 12th. This couldbe a great opportunity for you to reinforce the concept of having a great perspective needed to trulybe a 1-Pitch Warrior. What better example of that than Jackie Robinson? Make a night of it with yourteam to go see the movie and undoubtedly they will walk out of the theatre with a much clearerpicture of what others have had to go through to play the game they love to play and maybe at timestake for granted.

Players often say they “have to” go to practice. I think experiencing the movie will help themcross the line from “have to” to “get to” players. I am sure Jackie Robinson was not a “have to” kind ofplayer. He was a “want to” player who really just wanted to play the game he loved while at the sametime becoming a true American legend in the process. I can’t remember being so excited about seeinga movie in a long time. Use the movie as a teachable moment within your program.

Checkout the movie “42” Official Website:

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