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  • Romario

    Mark Gallion from the STL Gamers did a very good job on stats that matter:There are 4 ways to have qiulaty at bats. 1 Hit the ball hard, regardless of outcome. All line drives are hard hits. Hard hits also include hard hit groundballs and flyballs that force outfielders to retreat on the ball.2 Draw a walk3 Execute sacrifice, advance the runner to 3rd, get a run home with less that 2 outs, hit & runs, squeeze, etc..4 Any at bat that consumes 6 or more pitches is a qiulaty at bat regardless of outcome.A qiulaty at bat is worth between .4 and .5 runs. Using the Pythagoreom Expectation, if you want to increase your winning percentage from 50% to 67%, you need to score 1 more run per game. This means your team needs to produce just 2-3 more qiulaty at bats per game. Now, that is something that players can focus on and control IF they understand what a qiulaty at bat is.

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