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The 1 Pitch Warrior Mental Toughness Training System

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1PW Series – Grand Slam Package

  • 1 Pitch Warrior Mental Toughness Training System v2.0 (Online w/Lifetime Updates)
  • 1 Pitch Warrior Lessons in Leadership System (Online w/Lifetime Updates)
  • 1 Pitch Warrior: Guide to Mental Toughness (Book)
  • 1 Pitch Warrior: 101 Tools – Equipped for Excellence (Book)

The 1 Pitch Warrior Mental Toughness Training System will:

  • Give you the Team Process Index (TPI) Scoring System
  • Teach you how to play 1 Pitch at a Time
  • Hand you the keys to unlock your potential
  • Teach you toughness between the lines
  • Provide you a step by step development plan
  • Learn the drills used by Coach Dehmer in a 45 min Hitting Video
  • All the files needed to implement the 1PW System

Contents of Online Training Include:

  • 1 Pitch Warrior Presentation at WHSBCA
    Presentation that talks about what it takes for coaches and players to play the game one pitch at a time. Specific strategies involved in helping create better practices and working through adversity.
  • 1PW Hitting Drills
    Contains over 25 drills integrating our offensive philosophy while teaching how to perform under pressure.
  • Anatomy of a Winning Streak
    Dig into a “dozen details defined” about the 1PW program that set a national high school record and ended up with 88 consecutive wins. Including aspects of practice, pre-game, in-game, and all season details.
  • 1PW Pitching Process
    Learn the pitching philosophies and program that’s helped dominate hitters. Including statistics, charting, pre-pitch routines, bullpens, game days, post-game wrap ups and more!
  • 1 Pitch Warrior Presentation (Audio)
    Enables coaches/players to listen in the car or on an iPod, Coaches have permission to duplicate this CD and use within their program as they see fit.
  • Interview with Brian Cain
    Brian is one of the leaders of the Mental Game and Sports Psychology in the nation. He works with top D1 programs and professional teams to help them play their best when it matters most. He interviews Dehmer for insight into what has been the keys to their streak and two state titles.
  • Guide to Mental Toughness: How to Develop the 1 Pitch Warrior Mentality – Part1
    Audio 1 (60 min) The first CD takes you through more mental routines: Pre-game, in-game (fielding, pitching, hitting, etc), post-game (get back to life, instead of carrying the mental brick home) along with several other mental game topics.
  • Guide to Mental Toughness: How to Develop the 1 Pitch Warrior Mentality – Part2
    Audio 2 (60 min) The 2nd CD covers topics such as making the most of visualization and specifics on imagery with the 4 S’s of successful visualization to help unlock players full potential off the field.
  • 1 Pitch Warrior Files
    Contains: 2010 Practice Plans, 2011 Practice Plans, After Game Spreadsheets, Charts for Games, Charts for Practices, End of Year Awards, Mental Game Implementation, Player Packet, Posters, Pre-Season Pitching, Prezi Presentation (enables coaches to show the 1 Pitch Warrior to teams), and more!

1 Pitch Warrior Lessons in Leadership

  • Again, this is ONLY for those SERIOUS about giving something more to players than just fundamentals.
  • Lessons in Leadership is about giving your players fundamentals for EXCELLENCE inside the lines and outside the lines in life as well.  
  • This is NOT a book
  • This is ONLY for serious coaches and players
  • 24 Lessons in Leadership (and growing)
  • All new material that is NOT found in either of my first two books
  • Online access (Lifetime Subscription) through the 1PW Member Site
  • Lessons in Leadership will help facilitate classroom work with players
  • Lessons contain short articles and videos to get players to think about the intangibles
  • After completing the reading, video, or both then there is a follow-up worksheet
  • Players will complete each worksheet by doing their own reflections
  • One Time Fee – Lifetime Subscription – Access to future Lessons in Leadership at no additional cost
  • All articles are downloadable and printable
  • Topics range from:
    • Mental Toughness,
    • Trust/Belief,
    • Unselfishness,
    • Commitment,
    • Taking Action,
    • and many more. 
Leadership Lesson Highlights
  • Team DNA
  • TEAM – We over Me
  • 10 Things Mentally Tough Players DON’T Do
  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  • Band of Brothers/Sisters
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Handling the Pressure
  • Integrity – Compensate – Adjust
  • The Best Coaching Decision I Ever Made
  • … and many more leadership building exercises!

1 Pitch Warrior: Guide to Mental Toughness (Book)

1 Pitch Warrior – Guide to Mental Toughness is the key to unlocking your full potential as a player or a coach. Not only do the things provided in this book allow you to find your true potential on the field, but I am confident that they will enrich your life off the field as well.

Being a 1 Pitch Warrior is about much more than winning on the baseball field, it is about winning the day, making the most out opportunities that come your way good or bad.It’s about learning how to respond to adversity and handle anything that baseball or life has to throw at you.

What You Will Learn …

  • You will learn … many systems of success including the 5 P’s of Primetime Programs.
  • You will learn … playing for the present and how trying to win each pitch is broken down in great detail
  • You will learn … a cyclical process by which you can help ensure that you’re playing the game as a 1 Pitch Warrior.
  • You will learn … about measuring performance on skills and strategies that have meaning and that matter far more than just the basics such as  averages, RBIs, wins, etc.

Advanced Training Topics Include

  • B.A.S.E.2.,
  • A3P,
  • Quality At-Bats,
  • Quality Innings,
  • and others.
The last part of the book is dedicated to developing a vocabulary among your coaching staff and players so that you all use the same language in defining what it means to be a 1 Pitch Warrior. These terms can be discussed at practice or assigned as daily reading for your players before practice.

101 Tools – Equipped for Excellence (Book)

  • Give you the 1PW Process Based Measurement System
  • Teach you to measure practice
  • Great practice organization ideas
  • Mental game ideas
  • Ways to build your program and team unity
  • Coach Dehmer’s favorite drills and teaching tools


Brian Cain - Peak Performance Coach “The 1 Pitch Warrior Mental Toughness Training System, is going to give you more mental game material than I have ever seen in one place.  Coach Dehmer is a master of the mental game and his system is a tremendous contribution to the game of baseball.  This system will help you play your best when it means the most, every single pitch.”

Brian Cain – Mental Conditioning Coach
#1 Best Selling Author, www.BrianCain.com

Perry Hill - MLB Infield Coach “35 years in professional baseball, 22 in the ML, coached 7 gold glove winners, at least one at each infield position–coached 29 infielders who have made All- Star game appearances—I hold 2 All-time ML fielding records—1 WS championship — an All Star game appearance—and numerous other honors and awards—
I am not boasting– I am going to make this point–after all I have experienced and been through, what I watched today was the most impressive material I have seen about the mental side of the game.”
Perry Hill – Miami Marlins Infield Coach
World Series Champion & Coached 7 Gold Glove Winners
Ron Polk - Former Mississippi State Baseball Coach “The 1-Pitch Warrior simplifies the mental game of baseball. This is a must-read for any coach, player, or parent.”

Ron Polk – Former Mississippi State Coach
College Baseball Hall of Fame Member
8x to College World Series
Winningest Coach in SEC History in ALL Sports

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