1 Pitch Warrior – Guide to Mental Toughness Book


Written by Coach Justin Dehmer

Former Martensdale-St. Marys High School Baseball Coach

  • 88 Consecutive Wins Streak (2nd Longest in HS History)
  • 3-Time State Champions 2010, 2011, 2012
  • 3-Time State Coach of the Year 2010, 2011, 2012
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Product Description

Book Description

1 Pitch Warrior – Guide to Mental Toughness is the key to unlocking your full potential as a player or a coach. Not only do the things provided in this book allow you to find your true potential on the field, but I am confident that they will enrich your life off the field as well.

Being a 1 Pitch Warrior is about much more than winning on the baseball field, it is about winning the day, making the most out opportunities that come your way good or bad.It’s about learning how to respond to adversity and handle anything that baseball or life has to throw at you.

What You Will Learn …

  • You will learn … many systems of success including the 5 P’s of Primetime Programs.
  • You will learn … playing for the present and how trying to win each pitch is broken down in great detail
  • You will learn … a cyclical process by which you can help ensure that you’re playing the game as a 1 Pitch Warrior.
  • You will learn … about measuring performance on skills and strategies that have meaning and that matter far more than just the basics such as  averages, RBIs, wins, etc.

Advanced Training Topics Include

  • B.A.S.E.2.,
  • A3P,
  • Quality At-Bats,
  • Quality Innings,
  • and others.
The last part of the book is dedicated to developing a vocabulary among your coaching staff and players so that you all use the same language in defining what it means to be a 1 Pitch Warrior. These terms can be discussed at practice or assigned as daily reading for your players before practice.

Who This is For …

Whether you are a veteran coach seeking that first state title or a high school player trying to make the varsity, there is something for everyone in the book.  The 1 Pitch Warrior Mentality is for anyone who wants to attack life and live in the moment.

Remember that the past is history, the future is a mystery; we call it the “present” because it is a gift.

Here’s to unwrapping the moments in life that you desire but have yet to experience. Good luck on your journey as a 1 Pitch Warrior!

very good book, for baseball and team building 4 Star Review
Posted by Unknown on 29th Nov 2014

Great read for baseball and drills to help your program

Great system to improve program 5 Star Review
Posted by Jeremy on 7th Oct 2014

The 1PW book is am excellent way to improve your program. Many ideas , drills, and concepts that can take a program to the next level.

GREAT READ! 5 Star Review
Posted by shaun reed on 24th Feb 2014

Love the book and the material in the book.

Incredible Read!! 5 Star Review
Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2014

I have had the book for a couple of days now and cannot put it down!! What a great read and insight into the game of baseball. Implementing strategies from this book into our practice routines now and cannot wait to see the results we gain this season because of it!!

Building 1PW… 5 Star Review
Posted by Unknown on 13th Dec 2013

I purchased this book just over a year ago and implemented a number of the concepts with my 11-year old son. Due to his results, I have since passed this book onto four other coaches and my son’s 11U team has already implemented BIG, QAB and BASE2 language into all of their winter drills. The team has already shown improvement over last season. The boys are slowing down and breathing in greatness and in our team hitting league, the boys are learning the concept of QAB and BASE2. Needless to say, 1PW is a way of life and we are looking forward to more positive results.

Must have for any coach 5 Star Review
Posted by Jon Whipple on 4th Nov 2013

This book is a must have for any baseball coach of any level. We have talked about many of these aspects in our own program. Coach Dehmer makes it these aspects of the game very easy to understand and to track to help improve in all aspects of the game.

1 Pitch at a time 4 Star Review
Posted by todd abbott on 9th Sep 2013

great book that helps to incorporate focusing on the process of the game with the team. many people or books talk about it, but this book not only talks about this…it provides examples in the forms of practice plans and charts that can be used in teaching/encouraging this process. all of our coaches on staff now have a copy of the book.

1PW is a great resource. 4 Star Review
Posted by Coach Jason Lindgren, Valley City Fastpitch on 30th Jul 2013

We used the 1PW system this season and like any new program it took time, but as the girls repeatedly heard the message and started seeing individuals with results the “team” bought into it and we had success as a team. Returning to the State Tournament and winning 2 of 3 games there. We will continue to build on the 1PW tools in our program.

Incredible book. Not just for baseball 5 Star Review
Posted by Jon Friesen on 16th May 2013

I am a former pro ball player and I know that if I had the knowledge from this book then I would be in the majors. Now I am using it for my teams and friends for many other areas other than baseball. I urge you to purchase this if you have the slightest interest you will not be disappointed

Awesome text book on Mental toughness for baseball 5 Star Review
Posted by DAvid Gawlak on 8th Mar 2013

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