Philosophy on Charting

Philosophy on Charting

First I wanted to thank all the coaches out there who flooded my email box with suggestions about what they would like to learn more about in future 1PW Weekly Posts. After sorting through the emails I picked a winner who made me realized something I have never written about on my blog but is one of the most asked questions when I am at clinics working with coaches. So big thanks to Head Coach Terry James out of Central High School in Pollok, Texas. Congratulations Coach James on winning all three of my books.

The 1-Pitch Warrior System is loaded with charts (QABs, Quality Innings, A3P, TPI, STRIKE, etc) that provide coaches and solid feedback on the process of what it takes to win at practice and during games. Whether it is practice or a game the philosophy I have about how to chart is the same…


If you really want players to understand the process and the type of baseball/softball that you want to play they must be involved in it. They must take ownership of it. If we were playing BlueDevils 10 in a bullpen session during the preseason then players were the ones recording their performance not coaches. We would collect their data at the end of the night and then record it in a spreadsheet but they we the ones doing the pitching and recording the results of strikes and balls. This does two things in my mind:

1) Provides them with instant feedback

2) Teaches them the benchmarks of excellence that we are striving for

During games it is of course different, we don’t have our starting pitcher recording their strike to ball ration and if they earned a Quality Inning or what their A3P was for the inning either. That would be ridiculous. We want them to compete at that point so I had the JV work charts during varsity and vice versa. If you don’t play JV/Varsity doubleheaders like we do then it becomes the responsibility of players not in the game to work the charts for the coaches. Players learn the game, stay busy which means less grab ass in the dugout, and learn they can contribute to the team even when not in the game (all players can learn a little more selflessness and a little less selfishness). There are times when we have 3 or 4 charts going at any point on defense or offense.

The coaches are responsible for recording the data throughout the season and consistently show the results but, in my opinion, never, never, never do charts during the games. I have never done one before and never will. I will teach players how to do them. The only chart I would run is the spray chart which would help me suggest positioning for our defense and suggest a pitch to throw from time to time. Outside of that the players do it all.

If you have any questions on how to make it work in your dugout or any other questions for future 1PW Weekly let me know. Keep working the process with the 1PW System.

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