My goal for this blog has always been to give coaches ideas to improve their program and make it as well rounded as possible. Some weeks we discuss process based measurement, mental game, motivational stories, practice strategies, etc. This week I wanted to give coaches an idea I had the other day about fundraising which I have never blogged about but know it is a huge part of any level program whether it is youth on up to college. Money is always hard to come by so hopefully this is a money making technique you can put into action!



Most fundraising is done before the season and then spent fairly quickly on supplies and equipment for the upcoming season leaving coaches strapped in the off season. I am not saying you should stop the pre-season fundraisers but what if there was a way you could fundraise during the season that would payout after the season was over?

My idea is to have each player collect a pledge from one business and one individual. Just two per player at minimum. The pledge would be a certain dollar amount for each hit/run/strikeout or whatever statistical category you wanted to select. A letter would go out at the end of the season with a return envelope to you to collect their pledge. The pledges would already be in before the season was underway but the money would not be collected until after the season was over.

This way you would have money coming in once the season was over to continue to make off-season improvements to your facilities and equipment.

Please feel free to share any fundraising techniques you might use to share with other coaches or other topics you would like to see me blog about in the future.

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