Groundball Scrimmage


A few weeks back I gave you a way to measure your groundball efficiency during BP and last week we discussed a bunt scrimmage that you could use to help apply the pressure to your players rather than go through the motions. 


This Groundball Scrimmage is a variation of the Bunt Scrimmage that will reinforce the fact that the type of offensive team we want to be is to hit hard groundballs. You will measure the offense and also the defense must make plays to earn points or lose them. The rules are on the spreadsheet which is at the bottom of this blog/email. This is a great alternative to the Situations that I like to set up with teams I work with.

It measures the process and is game speed so you can’t go wrong with this one. I think your players will enjoy this face paced action packed scrimmage. The spreadsheet will make it easy for you to keep track of scores for all teams. If you have any questions please post comments or maybe a variation you might use in your program.


Coaches who have the 1PW 2.0 System will find the spreadsheet in the “NEW” folder also. Look for more to come in the weeks to come that is in the “NEW” folder that is not released to everyone via my blog.

On another note I wanted to let readers of my blog and subscribers to my email list know that I have released Kindle versions of my 1PW Books. Both are $4.99. Thats both 1PW Books for your electronic devices for less the $10.

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