Creating Great Perspectives for Your Players

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Perspective Credit References:

  • If you are looking for more great ideas for creating mental toughness within your players and program visit my good friend Brian Cain’s website  He is the true Master of the Mental Game. He has been an inspiration to me as a coach and has played a direct role in helping our program reach great heights.
  • Also, a shout out to Drew Thomas at Coastal Carolina for coining many of the terms used to create solid grounded perspectives in baseball players.

Creating Great Perspectives for Your Players

1 Pitch Warrior Program - Free Baseball Training Resources for the Mental GameWe want our players to understand that the game of baseball/softball is exactly that, just a game. There are no life and death decisions made on the field or in the dugout. We want our players to develop the “Get To” mentality and stay grounded in the fact that playing is a gift to be cherished and not taken for granted.

Perspective Posters

One great way to do this is by creating a perspective poster with images from around the world that make you stop and think about if going 0 for 4 or making an error that day are really as big as we make them out to be. You could make this a team event by having each player collect images off of the Internet and bring them to your team session. To take it a step further you can have each player create a more individualized poster with images of family and struggles they have gone through. They could share their poster with the team. Although it may be tough for players to do I think putting them in this uncomfortable position is good for them to grow and good for the team to learn more about each other. Chances are you, as coach will learn more from this one session about your players than you ever will on the field at practice.

Seen Everyday

I would have each player keep these posters somewhere they will be seen everyday. It could be at home, in their lockers, or any other visible place. The team poster that is created can be kept in the dugout and could even be taken with you on the road too. Leave it in the bus or take it in the visitor dugout with you. It just reinforces the fact that perspective is something vital for all players to take with them in all games they play no matter how big or small the game may be. Bottom line is it is just a game and we want our 1-Pitch Warriors to have the Compared to What Mentality.

Attitude of Gratitude Letter

Another great way to make sure that players have a great sense of perspective on the game instead of entitlement is to have them write a letter to their most influential person in their development as a player. Call it their Attitude of Gratitude letter. They all sit down and craft a better to someone who has made a difference in their life. Then you they are to mail it to that person before the season. A great way to say thanks and have your players understand and appreciate the fact that none of us can do it all. You must be surrounded by othesr to help you along the way and it is important to recognize them for their efforts. Players could share who they sent their letters to without having to share the details. Again, this is another great way to bring players closer together. A team that bonds and respects each other will fight harder for each other on the field.
Keep grinding 1-Pitch at a Time as a 1-Pitch Warrior!
Coach Justin Dehmer

What else have you done to shape perspective about the game?  Leave a comment below!
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  • John Hart

    I have all the 1PW material and love it.


  • Dan

    Great article. I always try to teach my players that its not the end of the world if you lose or screw up. The sun is still going to come up tomorrow no matter what you do.
    Would probably do a lot of parents some good if they kept the game in perspective as well. Especially at the younger levels of play. You’d think their kid was playing for the World Series or something the way some of them act.

  • Paul

    We are hitting this topic tomorrow in our classroom session. This poster idea will be a great addition to this life lesson. Thanks

  • Ryan Faer

    Greats post! Always important to keep things in perspective with young athletes, since they quite often forget the bigger picture of playing and living with a purpose!

  • Ethel Garrison

    Hi, nice article. I really like it!

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